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Leading company in the production of the best poultry and pig meat flour, a product that is the basis for the preparation of balanced diets for animal use.

· The processing plants have been operating in the Mostazal district since 1978. In order to obtain the best nutritional products, for animal use, the development and acquisition of the best technology available in the world has been sought.

· Since 2002, important technological innovations have started that have positioned our company as a leader in the animal feed industry.

· Likewise, new markets have been developed for the products obtained after this innovation that make PROEX an important supplier of oils for the chemical and food industries.

· From 2006 the company has developed the necessary technology to obtain biofuels such as methyl ester and fuel oils.

· The environment and care of our natural resources is the main focus in the development of our activities. Thus, as of 2007, there is a biological plant for the final disposal of all its industrial waste.

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